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It might be scary to work with graphic designers for the first time since you’re literally allowing them to turn over your whole brand identification and reputation, and that also by complete strangers. As risky as it may sound, it’s the most business-savvy thing to do, especially if associating with the very best from the industry with professionals to sufficiently understand you and your brand. Alpha Color Concepts will prove a smart choice as many would also recommend it, thanks to our vast market exposure and skilled designers.

Your final output will exceed your wildest dreams regardless of when attaining services from us, but then again, things get much smoother and easier to proceed if you effectively communicate with our graphic designers, who are always open to everything that our clients have to present. However, keep in mind that this is a creative sector, so being open to professional inputs that may be a little different from your initial thought but will aim towards your overall and greater interest.

Here are our top three suggestions when working with graphic designers, especially when associating with our designers at Alpha Color Concepts. Simply paying attention to these few considerations will ensure that you obtain the most refined possible designer from us, which gives justice to the time, efforts, and money you have invested.

1.  Present Rather Than Tell!

Almost every customer’s primary desire is to get a design that “pops.” Now, what exactly does that imply? “I’ll know it when I see it,” you may be thinking, and your designer is probably thinking the same thing, so why not show rather than tell? An Example- A Mood Board for A Sportswear Brand

Show your graphic designer what you want using visual representations rather than words. Gather a few examples of your chosen style from other logos, websites, commercials, signs, t-shirts, business cards, and other sources. Sure, pictures are worth a thousand words; and that’s exactly why we ask for pictorial examples. So that our designer can pick up on the aesthetic approach, you want to include in your project.

You do not even have to limit yourself to too closely connected instances. Experiment and be inventive. As inspiration for your logo, show our designer your favorite Van Gogh artwork. Or a newspaper article from the 18th century that presents the typeface you desire on your website. It’s frequently more effective than a verbal explanation being provided to our designer. It will project a clear understanding of what you as a client desire and want to be infused in your project.

2.    First, Figure Out What You Need Via Our Creative Brief

Why do we at Alpha Color Concepts use a creative brief? The reason for this is that we often encounter two sorts of clients: those who know exactly what they want and others who don’t. And our creative brief enables us to cater to each of them to the greatest extent possible. Allowing us to fulfill both consumers to the best of our abilities.

The better you are able to understand what you want, the better our designers will provide it to you. This comprises the artistic (visual style, color scheme, topic matter) and the business aspects (your target market, destination, main takeaway). Naturally, you’ll want to delegate many creative decisions to our designers, which is why you’re employing them! However, there are some business and branding decisions that they simply cannot make for you.

Also, make sure you define the project’s scope early on. If you want an adjustable logo or a succession of projects rather than simply one, plan ahead of time. A well-crafted creative brief, which serves as the fundamental outline, may express many of these preliminary aspects.

3.    Initiate By Agreeing On Details

Don’t overlook the physical elements as you and our designer look for common ground in the artistic parts. Deadlines, timetables, modifications, deliverables, and payment are all essential considerations. By tackling these issues from the initiation of your project rather than towards the end, you probably will be able to avoid a few issues.

These types of nitty-gritty conversations aren’t fun for either party, but they’re important to bring up. Obtaining precise answers allows for a more efficient design process that does not become bogged down midway.

That also holds true for minor aspects. Things like the final file format may appear minor. Still, they can have bothersome or even minor aspects missed. Our designers are responsible enough to cater to the entire project not just till completion but also till our customers are offered utmost satisfaction.

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