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What are Graphic Design types popular in 2022?

With 2022 rolling, the graphic design industry has taken up new trends suited for a new year. Many trends eventually fall out of favor and are replaced with newer trends every year, making it important to keep up with the latest trends. Old styles are being revised and new experimental styles are replacing the old ones. With how unpredictable the future is, let’s discover the 12 new types of graphic design trends in 2022.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

A brand image helps the brand’s customers recognize the brand in the wild. It also communicates what the brand represents and delivers, its personality and essence. A visual element can be the brand’s logo, buzzword, catchphrase, slogan, and even the color that its customers can pick it out easily.  This is why proper visual identity graphic design is a business’s success.

Old and Retro Graphic Design

The reason several types of graphic design styles keep hanging on is due to the nostalgia they provide to visiting customers and clients. This graphic style can include many different styles– such as Memphis design patterns, old emojis, and primitive user interfaces. Whenever old school is mentioned, large brightly colored blocks and shapes are associated with it, creating a sense of comfort and turning back the clock.

Motion graphic design

Moving pictures are easier to communicate your brand’s message to your clients or customers. Using motion graphics you can create title sequences, ads for promotion, and exceptional quality video animations. Motion graphics design needs to be perfect and transition to be smooth to share as much information as possible without interruption.

Lettering Graphic Design

With minimal types of graphic design’s popularity on the rise, one aspect is to rely on the lettering to convey the emotions and personality of the brand. With an expressive and creative outlook, many lettering designs are heavily influenced by mind-bending shapes, melting lines, and Shapeless blobs. This style is often hard to pull off with fewer people liking the simplicity of letters in design. But when pulled off properly can leave a lasting impression of awe on the viewer.

Environmental Graphic Design

As the name suggests, this style implies the methodology of using color, shapes, imagery, typography, and textures in the environment. Environmental graphic design can be done simply for the aesthetic, filling up empty space, or guiding the visitor. In modern times Environmental graphics play a major role in branding, as many companies will decorate their shops, restaurants, lobbies, and offices with brand-friendly graphics designs.

User Interface Graphic Design

Every kind of device, software, program, and website uses a user interface and user interface graphic designers help construct interfaces more welcoming and attractive. GUI elements can include a wide variety of elements – such as icons or scroll bars. one way or another customization and functionality fall upon the graphic designer. Furthermore, user interfaces can receive imitate feedback from the customers or clients and can be updated just as fast.

Flat Graphic Design

Graphic designers of 2022 are taking inspiration from pioneers of flat art style like the standard vector art and Ukiyo-e art from the Edo period of Japan. Ukiyo-e art style mostly included flat depictions of 3d landscapes and portraying a person or a scene. Furthermore, it was the first style of printing artwork, although something it was hand-painted as well. The most popular one is the fisherman’s wife. This style utilized over-exaggerated expressions and human poses, which modern artists are also using to breathe life into flat scenes with extraordinary effect.

Doodles Graphic Design

This art style tends to be very personal, with the graphic designer’s mind wandering off to a little bit of mind-escaping. Implementing doodles as an art style leads to abstract works, which bridge the gap between digital tools and the human touch, creating unforgettable designs. While not causing a conflict with other digital tools like an animation for adding movement to the art.

Anti-Graphic Design

Over the last decade, types of graphic design’s for branding, applications, and website had developed a strange convention that every designer had come to follow. But they are those who broke out of these norms and started implementing the anti-graphic design in their style. Avoid and ignore conventional aesthetics, ant-design includes asymmetry, clashing colors, empty spaces, crowded elements, and unusual typography. To many, it might be unusual and might even cause a headache to look at, but to its pioneers, this design breaks out of art conventions that somebody else has created.

Escapism Graphic Design

In the last two years, escapism has played a major role in the lives of many people around the world while it was going through the pandemic. Many graphic designers’ art styles took a trip to fantasy worlds and dreams, resulting in different types of graphic designs; the escapism art style is the leading one. Not only does this style go to unusual places, but the most appealing part of it comes with unexpected color combinations, dream-like settings, and wired and imaginative character design. Although it largely created an illustrated trend, it can also be used to create backgrounds for websites and applications. The identifying key is the dense detail in the setting which viewers are able to stare at for hours.

Parametric Graphic Design

Patterns are a big part of graphic design, which are used to add texture to add more detail to the background and separate solid colors and shapes. Parametric uses algorithms and metrics to create patterns rather than designing them by hand. These patterns come looking very complicated and detailed, which is based on parametric equations. Furthermore giving the illusion of movement while being fluid and taking up 3d space.

Maximalism Graphic Design

As the name would suggest, it is the opposite of minimalism art style, as this trend attends to go extreme in color and shapes. Filing every space with bright colors, characters, and patterns, while focusing on a single piece. This leads to a bigger picture showcasing their collective and something conflicting taste. This way also demonstrates the graphics designers’ creativity and talent in a single art.

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